Top BSNL A to Z Network Problems and Solutions On SIM, Broadband & FTTH

The state-owned Telecom Solutions provider BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) offers services such as Landline, Broadband, Prepaid/Postpaid SIM, FTTH Bharat Fiber, FTTH Bharat Air Fiber and Bank Circuits. Let us find out what are the Top Solutions to Problems faced by customers sitting at home. This post also addresses the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about BSNL products.

We brief each problem and the complete solution will be on the next page. This is like a DIY (Do It Yourself) guide to BSNL Products or Services. All are almost How-To articles.

BSNL SIM Problems and Solutions:

SNOProblem and Solution
1.SIM: Plan, Call History
To check BSNL Prepaid SIM balance, validity, Special Tariff Voucher (STV) working, Friends and Family Number additions and last 5 call records, you can visit BSNLSZPrepaid Selfcare guide. You can also use the SMS Method of getting Call Records.
2.SIM: Internet
When you buy a new BSNL SIM, you need to activate GPRS internet and add APN settings to your Android or iOS phone. Know more here at BSNL GPRS Internet Settings guide.
3.SIM: VAS Services
You deactivate any VAS (Value Added Service) that is activated on your BSNL SIM easily by following BSNL VAS Service Deactivation guide. VAS services can be Horoscope, Cricket, Caller Tune etc.
4.SIM: Buzz Messages
You can actually remove or stop BSNLBuzz messages popping on your phone screen with an annoying sound by following the Stopping BSNL Buzz Messages guide.
5.SIM: Prepaid International Roaming
Your prepaid BSNL SIM can be taken to other countries and comfortably receive and make calls. Follow this Activating International Roaming guide.
BSNL SIM Problems and Solutions List

Problems and Solutions on BSNL Landline, Broadband, FTTH Bharat Fiber and FTTH Bharat Air Fiber:

These are the Top problems and solutions that can be followed simply sitting at home instead of visiting a BSNL office. We try to add even more Problems to this list.

1.Broadband & FTTH: Restore Speed FUP
After crossing the FUP limit, your broadband internet slows down to say 1mbps or 2mbps. To restore the normal speed, the customer can do Topup after FUP. The speed goes to the highest as per the plan.
2.Installation Charges: LL, BB and FTTH
BSNL charges some fee as a one time charge after taking the new connection or service. Know all the charges here at BSNL Installation Charges guide.
3.Static IP Charges: BB, FTTH, BBoWifi and AirFiber
BSNL provides Static IP on request to its internet customers. Know more about the BSNL static IP plans and charges.
4.Broadband & FTTH: Amazon Prime Video Activation
Customers can avail themselves of Amazon Prime Video yearly subscription free of cost. Here is the guide to activate Prime Video.
5.Receiving Bills on Mobile Number and Email:
Customers can change their Contact numbers and Email IDs linked to the BSNL Services like Landline, Broadband, FTTH and Postpaid SIM. Follow this guide on BSNL Bills on Email and SMS.
6.Duplicate Bill: LL, BB, FTTH, AirFiber, BBoWiFi
If you do not get the monthly BSNL Bill by post, you can download a copy of the duplicate bill in PDF format.
7.Bill Payments: Paying Bills After Due Date
If you do not pay the Telephone Bills shown by Billers (GPay, PhonePe, All Online Banking Portals) before the due date, there is a chance those do not accept payments afterwards. You can always pay bills before or after the due date.
How to Articles on BSNL Landline, Broadband, FTTH Bharat Fiber and FTTH Bharat Air Fiber

New How-to articles will be added every now and then. Bookmark this page for easy reference on BSNL Products.

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