BSNL Static IP Plans and Prices on FTTH, Broadband and AirFiber

BSNL Provides Static IP to its customers at the time of providing Broadband, FTTH, AirFiber and BBoWifi connections. Let us know the details like applying for static IP, plans and pricing.

Note: If you get the same IP even after restarting your modem or ONT or ONU, it means you are getting the Static IP. You can type “show my IP” in google to check your internet IP without using any special software.

BSNL Static IP Plans and Price

Businesses and Employees use static IP to securely access their application servers. Some companies restrict their employees to use the same IP every time for accessing their production servers.

BSNL Provides static IP to those plans with a minimum fixed monthly charge of Rs. 999. Up to FMC of Rs. 1500, static IP is charged at Rs. 2000 per year. For plans ranging from 1500 and 2799, the static IP is charged at Rs. 1800. If you own a plan with a minimum rent of Rs. 2800, you are eligible for one free static IP. Additional static IPs are charged at flat Rs. 1500 for all customers.

BSNL Revised these charges afresh in July 2021. These charges are applicable to all FTTH Plans, Air Fiber Plans and Broadband Plans.

PlansStatic IP Price
Plans with FMC from Rs. 999 to Rs 1500One static IP at Rs. 2000 per annum
Plans with FMC from Rs. 1500 to Rs 2799One static IP at Rs. 1800 per annum
Plans with FMC above Rs. 2799One Free Static IP, additional static IP at Rs. 1500
BSNL Static IP Charges

Check your available FTTH plans based on the state you live.

Before applying for a new connection, you check all the plans on FTTH Bharat Fiber, ADSL Broadband, and Bharat AirFiber.

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