BSNL Bharat AIR Fiber Internet Plans – Details

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has introduced new technology broadband “Bharat Air Fiber” that offers high download speeds at affordable prices. The customers need to set up a Radio Modem compatible with the Radio Broadband Service.

This Bharat Air Fiber service is different from the WiFi Hotspot service. The Wifi Hotspot service works up to less distance while Radio Broadband Service works even at more distances. Also, it is different from Bharat Fiber FTTH service which depends on an Optical-Fibre medium to transport internet data.

BSNL Bharat AIR Fiber Plans

Combo plans offer both Voice and Data services while Standalone BB plans offer only internet without voice support.

These plans are available in all the states of India except Andaman and Nicobar circle.

List 1: Exclusive AirFibre Broadband Plans

SNOPLANPrice ₹₹₹Details
1AirFibre Basic 499Up to 30mbps till 3300 GB, 2 mbps beyond, Deposit Rs. 500
2AirFibre Basic Plus699Up to 40mbps till 3300 GB, 4 mbps beyond, Deposit Rs. 699
3AirFibre Value899Up to 50mbps till 3300 GB, 6 mbps beyond, Deposit Rs. 899
4AirFibre Premium1199Up to 70mbps till 3300 GB, 10 mbps beyond, Deposit Rs. 1199, One Static IP @ Rs2000 per year
BSNL AirFibre Exclusive Plans

If you can pay annually (Annual Payment), you will get 13 months service instead of 12 months.

List 2: Common ADSL, Bharat Fibre Plans applicable to AirFibre also. These plans will be discontinued for new customers. Existing customers will be requested to migrate to the above exclusive AirFibre plans.

SNOAir Fiber PlanMonthly Price (₹)Type
1Bharat Air Fiber – 3GB CUL 499COMBO
2Bharat AirFiber- 4GB CUL 599COMBO
3Bharat Air Fiber – 5GB CUL 699COMBO
4Bharat Air Fiber – 600GB CUL 777COMBO
5Bharat Air Fiber – 750GB plan 1277COMBO
6Bharat Air Fiber – 22GB CUL 1299COMBO
7Bharat Air Fiber – 25GB CUL 1599COMBO
8Bharat Air Fiber – 30GB CUL 1849COMBO
9Bharat Air Fiber – 33GB CUL 1999COMBO
10Bharat Air Fiber – 35GB CUL 2349COMBO
11BAF 150GB_Fi 500BB
12BAF 250GB_Fi 600BB
13BAF 350GB_Fi 745BB
14BAF 500GB_Fi 845BB
15BAF 700GB_Fi 1051BB
16BAF BBG_BSNLFi_UL_1200 1200BB
17BAF 1050GB_Fi 1491BB
18BAF 1400GB_Fi 1991BB
19BAF 1750GB_Fi 2995BB
20BAF 3000GB_Fi 6995BB
BSNL Bharat Air Fiber Plans

We shall add more plans to this Bharat Air Fiber Plans list time to time.

At present, the service is available in Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Telangana, Tamilnadu, Bihar and Haryana. Shortly, this Air Fiber service will be launched in other states too.

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