2021 List of Supported BSNL FTTH OLT – TIPS Partnership

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) has been providing FTTH connections in partnering with TIPS Partner. TIPS vendors are typically Cable TV Operators and Local Broadband Providers.

Note: The connections provided by TIPS partner should follow the BSNL Fiber Tariff. Internet speeds can reach up to 300mbps depending on the plan.

List of Supported BSNL FTTH OLTs

TIPS refer to Telecom Infrastructure Providers. Anyone can start providing FTTH connections in their chosen areas by partnering with BSNL as a TIPS Vendor/Partner. They should sign a revenue-sharing agreement. TIPS vendor is also called a Franchisee. The registration form is available here.

A TIPS Partner should buy an FTTH OLT (Optical Line Terminator) equipment. A 4 port OLT can provide connections up to 256. An 8 port OLT can provide connections up to 512. Each PON port can provide connections up to a maximum of 64. An OLT can be an EPON or a GPON. Input bandwidth can be given to a GE (Gigabit Ethernet) port. You should preferably use an optical port here.

On the customer side, you should provide an ONT (Optical Network Terminal) or ONU (Optical Network Unit). This is just like a modem receiving an optical signal that outputs the Internet on Ethernet and WiFi.

Here is the list of supported/approved OLT vendors or makes that will be supported by BSNL network.

OLT List 1:

  1. Netlink
  2. Alphion
  3. Khwahish
  4. DBC
  5. Optilink
  6. Syrotech
  7. Uniway
  8. Genexis
  9. Optronix
  10. Sharpvision
  11. STEL fiber electronics India pvt LTD
  12. Catvision
  13. Technext
  14. Tara
  15. Revo
  16. Fibresol
  17. Metro  
  18. Digisol
  19. Electro line
  20. Fibre gate

OLT List 2:

  1. Inotech
  2. Nepstech 
  3. Opterna
  4. Huawei
  5. Zyxel
  6. Nextvision
  7. Translite
  8. UTstarcom
  9. Sky Birds International
  10. Richerlink Technology Pvt. Ltd.
  12. Tejas Networks
  13. YURI
  14. SCOPUS SC5004EL
  15. Optivision AN001
  16. TOSHI
  17. Binitech BT8008ES EPON OLT.
  18. Adopt EPON AD1E-0444 OLT.
  19. Optinuva.

This list will be updated every now and then. The list was last updated in the month of March 2021.

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