How to Stop BSNL Buzz Service Messages

BSNL (Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited) service messages are those that come after a Call has been completed showing the price for the call and those BSNL Buzz Flash messages that take you to a different topics page for subscribing. Let us know how to stop or Deactivate BSNL Buzz Flash Service messages easily.

There is a problem of accidental clicks on the OK button and also the money being charged or cut. That annoying Message sound some times disturbs the users.

How to Stop BSNL Buzz Service Messages

These Flash messages do not go into your BSNL SIM Inbox. They simply appear as dialogue boxes on top of the phone screen showing Yes or No options most of the time. You may lose your prepaid balance as the money is auto-debited from the main balance once subscribed. Go through the below messages to block or stop BSNL Buzz service messages. Remember that you are only stopping the popup screen message showing BSNL BUZZ or any other Flash Message. To unsubscribe from the already subscribed VAS services, go through other How-TO articles from us.

There are Two Procedures to Stop the BSNL BUZZ Service Messages.

  1. Stopping All Service Messages
  2. Stopping only BSNL Buzz

Step 1: Open Settings of Message Inbox. Usually, these settings are part of the INBOX app itself. So, you may not find these settings under the Android settings page.

Message Inbox Settings
Message Inbox Settings

Step 2: Choose BSNL SIM settings if you have a Dual SIM phone.

BSNL Message Inbox
BSNL Message Inbox

Step 3: Go through all options until you find the checkable option “Service Messages“. Uncheck it as it is checked by default. Sometimes this option is kept under the “Advanced” option.

Service Message Settings
Service Message Settings

Step 4: Restart the phone if required. You should not get any BSNL Buzz Flash Service messages hereafter.

Step 5: Now, we can try stopping BSNL Buzz Service messages through the BSNL SIM app “BSNL Mobile“ or “SIM Toolkit” which is installed automatically after inserting the SIM. You can find the app in your Android or IOS All Apps Menu. Open the BSNL Mobile APP.

BSNL Mobile App Topics
BSNL VAS Services

Step 6: Choose BSNL Buzz and Click on Deactivate to stop the BSNL Buzz flash messages.

BSNL Buzz Deactivation Option

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